Looking for an Installer?

We have fully certified installers throughout the UK.

If you're looking for a qualified electrician who is authorised to install Viridian EV charges points, follow the link below.

£65 call back promise

We're so confident our charge points are reliable that we'll pay out up to £65 compensation to our installers who have to re-visit sites due to a fault.**

Numerous times we have had to revisit charge point installations that have required extra work because of parts failing – none of them have involved Viridian EV charge points.
— Easy EV Charge, Essex

**Terms apply. The fault has to be with a component supplied by Viridian and not with the installation itself. Any repairs required by Viridian EV will be carried out only at the premises of Viridian EV.  Viridian EV will not carry out repairs at the install site.