3 Reasons to Install an EV Home Charge Point

In efforts to cut emissions, the Government announced in July this year that EV charge points can be made mandatory in new builds.  We are looking at reasons why you should install a home charge point, and how this can add value to your property.


Convenience & Cost

There is no need to regularly detour to the public charging stations when you can charge conveniently at your number 1 destination: Your home. As we know, electric vehicles (EVs) boast benefits simply incomparable to vehicles with a combustion engine.  Better for the planet and good for your wallet, charging via a home installed charge point is a convenience win. It allows you you to control costs by charging at optimal tariffs, ultimately cutting your running costs when compared to a conventional car.  In our eyes, this means a home with an installed EV charge point is far more valuable to the increasing amount of EV drivers out there than one without.

Depending on tariffs, your EV can cost you as little as 2p per mile to run! You can shop all our EV chargers here - all of which are made in the UK and used Internationally in over 38 countries!

Reduce Charging Time

Why not plug directly into the wall socket when charging your car?  Firstly, this can lead to electric fires so we strongly recommend not doing this.  Secondly, charging through a designated charging point can decrease your charging time from flat to full anywhere between 1-7 hours.  This is much quicker (and safer!) than charging from the mains, which takes a minimum of six hours.  This is also charging your battery at a faster rate than if you were charging publicly, unless you pay to use a rapid charge point.

Increase Property Value

With over 166,000  EV owners in the UK at the time of writing (data from Aug. 2018, https://bit.ly/2NdYElK) and more and more drivers opting for electric, adding a charge point to your property will make your home desirable to all those seeking a new property, including those who drive EVs.

By 2022, it is thought that there will be 1 million EVs on UK roads.  This is a demographic you should embrace!

A rule of thumb is that a parking space is generally worth 5% of your property value.  This estimation is most certainly not devalued by adding a charge point!  Considering the support available from the Government's OLEV grant (https://bit.ly/2h5q5ff), covering up to 75% of the installation costs, you can install a charge point for your own utilisation whilst expanding your potential market to a larger number of potential purchaser.  It would be silly not to!

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For an overview of the charge points we produce and sell here in the UK, all available under the OLEV scheme, please visit our website www.viridianev.co.uk


Author: Christine Bjerkan

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