Cold Weather Tips

It’s been pretty freezing recently and although it seems that there won’t be any snow until next Winter (at least in the UK) , we thought some tips on surviving the cold weather and making your EV go that little bit further wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. The list isn’t exhaustive but these few tips might make the difference!


  • While plugged in warm up the battery before you plan to use it. Most cars allow this to occur on an automatic timer.
  • Carry some de-icer spray as this negates having to use windscreen heaters which is can be a huge drain on the battery.


  • Eco mode – retains and makes your valuable battery go just that little bit further.
  • If you have heated seats and steering wheels – USE THEM. They cause much less of a drain on the battery than cabin heating but make a huge difference to your warmth.
  • Stay below 65mph and try to anticipate breaking heavily or accelerating quickly.
  • Keeping heat at a low steady level is better than periods of intense cabin heating followed by no heating at all.


  • Remember a cold battery takes longer to charge – so factor that into your journey.
  • Park in the sun if you can as this is the warmest place when its freezing cold and means the battery won’t cool down as quickly and lose precious charge.

Author: Georgie Gunn