EV advice: Tethered VS Free

A tethered cable is one that is wired into and always attached to the Tethered charge point, whilst a free cable unplugs from a Socket/Free charge point and is therefore able to be carried with the owner and plug into other charge points. There are pros and cons of both, but here is some of our advice so you can make the best decision!

Imagine for a few seconds, it’s a Monday morning, it’s raining and you are on the way to work; you unplug your i3, lump the cable into the boot and try to coil it up tidily. Not only are you soaked but the boot is a mess and there is water everywhere: it’s not a great start to the week!

Tethered cables often result in less hassle unplugging and plugging your EV and are more secure as they cannot be stolen or unplugged. Tethered can sometimes work out as the more cost effective option. For example, our Tethered charge points start from £395 and whilst our Free charge points start from £390, if a charging cable is required then this is a significant additional cost (starting from £110 for a quality cable through us.)

Socket/Free charge points on the other hand enable a significant level of future proofing. The problem could be that your new Tesla Model 3 needs a Type 2 charger, but your tethered charge point is a Type 1. Or a friend comes to visit and their pre 2018 Leaf requires a Type 1 cable and your charge point is a Type 2. A Socket/Free type gives you much more flexibility; you can use your cable on public charge points, at your friends house and also means much less fuss if you get a new EV (potentially only needing to acquire a new charging cable rather than installing a new charge point). 

Tethered Pros

  • EASY
  • No manhandling cable when unplugging and plugging
  • Secure as the cable cannot be unattached
  • Can work out cheaper if no cable is supplied with your car

Free/Socket Pros

  • Future proofing for new models with different sockets
  • Visitors able to plug in their own cable
  • Use your cable on public chargers

*** prices are exc VAT