Another happy Viridian customer!

Another successful charging solution has been supplied to a customer through our B2C channel, where a little bit of customer support went a long way. His requirement was a touch different to a run-of-the-mill install so he needed to make sure he was getting the right kit to do the job. We're happy to have received this review on Speak EV:

I recently acquired an EV and needed a home charging point.

After evaluating what was on the market, I decided to go with a Viridian Wall Mounted Charger on the following Basis:-

-All Metal and Very Strong Tough Metal Box (its a thick walled die casting)
-All Discrete components inside
contactor, correct DC sensitive RCBO, protocol controller
-All Din Rail Mounted, easy to replace any component if it fails/wears out by ANY local based electrician (no need to wait for service engineers)
- A choice of motor or solenoid operated socket lock (for the free cable socket).

I decided to go for the motor operated socket lock. This operates on a 12volt circuit and is controlled by an inside (the house) 12volt rated circuit/switch. No one can enter my back yard and steal my cable if I have it locked, and I can use my free cable as a tethered on that basis.

Come the summer, I can control the protocol controller (just by selecting the correct resistor value again remotely) so that most of my EV charging will be met from solar. That's the beauty of the Viridian system.

After having specified the outside colour, the choice of motor operated socket lock, 32A rating etc, it took about 3 days for the delivery. The unit construction was first class, very sturdy backing plate for the DIN rails etc. The unit has been wired up with oversized 16mm cable through the wall, and even with wires this large, there was enough space and large enough terminals to get everything tidily wired up. A little tricky to get the socket drain tube installed through the tight grommet.

Overall, this is a quality piece of kit and very flexible in terms of use. The customer support at Eco Harmony was great as well. One thing that might act as a barrier to greater sales was that the grant approved installer covering my part of Scotland(they are based in Falkirk), does not advertise the fact that he was approved to install Viridian charge points.... so you have to ask. They do advertise the fact they can install Rolec so if you just phoned up and wanted any old cheapish stuff, that is what you would probably get.

Source: Speak EV