EV Charging at Work

For Employees

Maximise the green potential of your new Electric Vehicle and ensure that you have somewhere to plug in and charge up while you work. 

You may also need a portable plug-to-plug charging cable which can be kept in the boot, ensuring you can plug into charging stations whilst away from home.


There are incentives on offer for businesses, such as tax relief or exemption, for being energy efficient. It's worth asking your company to consider installing a station for the benefit of all their employees. 

Viridian EV have a range of chargers for commercial situations that can be wall or floor mounted. We are also able to personalise the design of the Viridian EV charge points to match your company branding. Please Contact Us to discuss this further. 

Why Choose a Viridian EV Charger?

Personalised and branded installations for your business...

  • Viridian EV are specialist manufacturers of OLEV approved charge points and other EV equipment
  • Designed, manufactured, and tested by Viridian EV in the UK
  • Suitable for visitor or fleet charging
  • One of the most compact units on the market
  • Low maintenance
  • Rugged and reliable
  • High level of engineering and high quality parts used to ensure reliability
  • Metering solution available for energy monitoring and expenditure reporting
  • 3 year warranty
  • Excellent customer service and urgent action taken to rectify any fault or issue with the unit
  • Product backed up by a specialist electronic engineering company with over 23 years manufacturing history which has retained ISO 9001 since 1997

Find out what you'd need or click below to get a local approved Viridian EV Installer to quote for the work and fit it at your business premises. 

Custom Branded Charging Stations

If you require something different than the standard styles we currently have then the aesthetics of the charging stations can be customised to match your application, whether that’s based on your company livery or location.

  • Templates and support to aid in designing custom overlays
  • Standard or bespoke enclosure colour options

This arrangement is usually based on quantities and a set up cost.